The Old Library built in 1899

Finally, in 1899, the town voted to allocate $40,000 for construction. The pride of the town is evident in the ornamental stone plaque next to the door, reading “Weston Public Library, founded AD 1857, This building was built by the TOWN, 1899” The all-capital letters in the word Town emphasize the fact that all residents had contributed. A 1908 history of Middlesex County called it “a splendid monument to the culture and refinement of the citizens of Weston.”The 1899 Library served the town for nearly a century, until 1996, when the present building was constructed. Since that time, the Old Library has been used sporadically, for town offices when Town Hall was renovated, for recreation offices and programs, and even for Halloween haunted houses, all the while awaiting a new use.

The 1757 Josiah Smith Tavern

The tavern was built in 1757 by Josiah Smith (1722-1782), fourth child of William and Mary Smith, whose home still stands at 111 Sudbury Road. Josiah was a prominent citizen of Weston who held many important town offices including Justice of the Peace, Town Clerk (1768-69), Selectman (1766-1769, 1771- 1775, 1777-1779), Delegate to the Provincial Congress in Concord (1774), and Representative (1779 and 1781). In his book History of the Town of Weston, Massachusetts, 1630-1890, Col. Daniel S. Lamson called Josiah’s tavern “one of the most noted between Boston and Worcester.” because Boston Post Road was the most important early route from Boston to New York.

Two historic buildings, one project: 

In response the the call for a "statement of interest" by the Working Group appointed by the Selectmen to facilitate creation of a proposal to present to Town Meeting for approval, our detailed submission in August 2015 to the Working Group can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. The essence of the "statement of interest" has not changed, except that we now envision the WAIC and the Media Center in the Barn and Connector. The Women's Communtiy League will have space on the second floor of the Tavern building, just as proposed by the Working Group.  The current plan can be accessed by clicking HERE.

(information for both the Old Library and the Josiah Smith Tavern copied fron the Weston Historical Society web page, which contains a wealth of additional historic information about both buildings.)