This is who we are and why we are doing this:

As long-time residents of Weston with an abiding interest in the life and character of  our Town, we have been distressed to see the two historic buildings at the Gateway to Weston so little used and in some respectss, badly deteriorated and unfit for wide public access.  So it’s time to find a way to restore, reuse and revive these buildings for the benefit of the Town's residents and civic organizations.  We have the interest, the energy, the skills and the time to get this done.


Dusty Reeder

Dusty, a Weston resident since 1967,  chaired the Town's Finance Committee, The Land Use and Building Study Committee, and the Case Estates Review Committee, among other civic activities.. He was Secretary of the Board for The Trustees of Reservations. He was a founding partner of Architectural Resources Cambridge, a 75 person office specializing in educational and high tech research facilities.


Tom Selldorff

Tom, a Weston resident since 1967, has been active in Town affairs for many years as Water Commissioner, member of the Dog Committee, Committee to study Public Works, Norumbega Tank,  Cultural Council, and President of Weston Forest and Trail Association for over 15 years.  Retired from executive positions with Multinational Corporations and high-tech start-ups.

George Bates

George and his wife Nancy have been active in Town for many years. George joined the WF&TA at its inception in the mid 1950's and has been a Trustee since 1974. He served as President from 1977 thru 1979 and Treasurer since 1979. He chaired the Weston Conservation Commission from 1988 until recently. He runs his own business in contract packaging and turf farming.


Tom Seeman

Tom is an investor who makes control investments in private companies.  He is currently the CEO of Cutter Associates, which he purchased in 2012.  Cutter is a technical research firm serving most of the world’s largest asset managers.  He also owns several other companies.  Tom graduated from Harvard Law School and Yale University.  He has been on the board of Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) for five years.


Pat Siek

Pat has been a Town resident since 1962. Her background includes 34 years in senior financial management positons at a multinational company. Served as 1st Landscape Chairman South Side Fire Station, Member of Moderator's Special Committee on Town Meeting. National Trust for Preservation of Historic Places. Currently Historic Preservation Chairman of Wayside Chapter of DAR.


Diana Chaplin

Diana Chaplin's family first came to Weston in 1678 and she has lived in the town for the majority of her life. Diana currently works with her son, Avery, and has been a top-producing Weston real estate agent since 1999. 

Her passion for historic buildings and their preservation is nowhere more evident than in her family home, purchased by her great-grandfather for his parents in 1906, and which she is thoughtfully restoring, . 

Diana served as Chair and was on the Weston Cultural Council for 6 years. She is a member of the Women's Community League, a Trustee of Weston Forest and Trail and is guardian to a fantastic young woman currently attending Weston Public Schools.

Jim Barry

A Weston resident for 15 years, Jim has been involved in town activities including Weston Youth Soccer Club.   He is employed by McKesson, a healthcare software and distribution company that is currently ranked 11th on the Fortune 100 list.  Jim has also served as a Measurer of Lumber for Weston for the past few years.


David Harmon

As a Weston Resident for over 40 years, Dave has been active and infulential in Town Affairs on a number of issues, ranging from political campaigns to the "pay-as-youi-throw" project, the Minuteman Regional High School and others. 

Kevin Sheehan, Advisor

Kevin is part of the BOSTON RESTAURANT GROUP, the leading restaurant broker and consultant in the Boston area, founded by Charles Perkins in 1990 . Having created and operated 3 award-winning restaurants in Boston, and with 30 years in the business his experience and advice has been of enormous value in creating this proposal .



As we described our project to friends and acquaintances in Weston, many of them agreed that it was long overdue for Weston to have a small, friendly professionally run restaurant at the center of Town. They offered to be listed as "supporters" to show that there is ample public support for the project. Click here for the list 


Our Town is full of talented people. It is our hope and expectation that some members of the other proponent groups might be willing to join us, IF the Town decides that our proposed approach is the preferred way to go.